Right to Rent Check

Right to Rent Check

What Is A Right To Rent Check?

Before anyone can rent a property in England, a Landlord or Letting Agent must check the immigration status of everyone aged 18 or over who'll be living in the property.

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Right To Rent Check

Any Prospective Tenants aged 18 or over will need to provide their passports, or any other official documents that prove their immigration status. The Landlord or Letting Agent must make copies of the documents and keep the copies safe. Current and expired passports are acceptable documents for British, Irish and EU citizens.

If the Prospective Tenant is a British or Irish citizen without a passport, a birth certificate and another accepted proof of identity should be adequate.

You have the Right To Rent if you are:

  • British
  • A citizen of a country in the EU or EEA
  • A citizen of another country with no time limits on your permission to live in the UK (such as indefinite leave to remain)

You can have a time-limited Right To Rent if there's a time limit on your permission to stay in the UK. This is likely if you have a visa:

  • For work
  • To study
  • As a husband, wife or civil partner of someone settled in the UK

The time-limited right to rent also applies if you have humanitarian protection, limited leave or discretionary leave to remain.

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